ProVida 2000

ProVida 2000

ProVida 2000ProVida is the world's leading mobile surveillance and speed enforcement brand, actively in use in 70% of UK police forces and stretching across 20 countries worldwide. The system has also been translated into more than 10 different languages.

The heart of ProVida combines high quality digital surveillance with the ACPO approved Police Pilot speed measurement tool. Detailed information of road offences such as speeding or dangerous driving are overlaid on the video system which can be downloaded.

Evidence gained can be used to convict offenders and is accepted in all UK courts and an ever increasing number of overseas jurisdictions.

Compact Design

ProVida 2000 ModularProVida 2000 modular consists of four main parts:

  • ProVida 2000 modular unit
  • CCD colour camera (we recommend VOSA approved Kestrel 10)
  • Hard drive recorder
  • Remote Control Unit

The camera is generally windscreen mounted and the video recorder fitted in the boot. Finally the cable remote control unit can be positioned anywhere in the front of the vehicle.

Modular Capability

Where there is restricted space within a police vehicle, ProVida 2000 Modular allows for versatility and flexibility when fitting.

The modular unit can be integrated with any monitor already fitted into the vehicle (even if it is already being used for other purposes), as long as there is a composite video signal input.

The modular unit can be fitted out of view and a second small remote control unit is supplied to allow access to all the functions of the standard ProVida system.

ProVida on 2 wheels


Packaged neatly and fitted securely to almost any motorcycle, ProVida bike systems have all the same functionality as our four wheeled version - ensuring reliability and ease of use.

Having been successfully tested by the Cambridgeshire Police Force in the UK, the system is now available to all police forces and installers world-wide.

Upgrade Options

  • Second camera facility including functional rear-facing ProVida zoom camera, discrete fixed lens pencil cameras and helicopter down-link.
  • Second monitor fitted in the back seat of the patrol vehicle or any other required, safe location.
  • Interfaces for radar and laser systems.
  • Interfaces for full integration of ANPR into ProVida 2000 or vice Versa.
  • Remote microphones for recording audio from officers outside the vehicle.

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Key Points:

  • Unrivalled for reliability and ease of use
  • Modular system provides flexible installation options
  • Integrates with any installed in-car monitor
  • Already used by police forces around the world

ProVida X300 DVR:

The new X300 DVR

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Existing Customers Include:

  • BAA (British Airports Authority)
  • Danish National Police
  • Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary
  • DVLA
  • HM Prison Service
  • Hong Kong Police
  • Italian Police
  • Kent Police
  • Lancashire Constabulary
  • Lothian & Borders Police
  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • Norway Police Service
  • Police Services of N. Ireland
  • Sussex Police