Communications and IS

Communications and IS

Petards Joyce-Loebl specialises in the design, manufacture and support of rugged Communications and Information Systems solutions for Airborne, Maritime, and Land applications.

Petards Joyce-Loebl's capability and experience within this sector spans Radio Systems, Tactical Data Links, Secure Communications Projects, Cryptographic & TEMPEST Solutions and Specialist Displays.

Tactical Data Links

NCIDFPetards Joyce-Loebl has a history of experience in producing communications systems for seaborne applications. The Company was involved in providing the Royal Navy with automated data link network management systems on-board the Type 23 and Type 42 ships.
The systems enable operators to perform data link preparation, initiation, control and re-configuration in a multi-link environment.

Following its success, similar systems were developed and supplied for the Astute class submarines.
These bespoke projects demonstrate our ability to produce rugged military systems that meet specification, including all of the relevant standards for Environmental, EMC, and TEMPEST approval.


In airborne applications Petards Joyce-Loebl is experienced in producing flight qualified systems and is fully conversant with the necessary approval process. An example of our work is with the E-3D Sentry (AWACS) aircraft.

Sentry View 20Sentry-View 20

A high performance TFT-LCD display was specifically designed to interface with the E-3D Sentry radar console graphics system.
It is a form, fit, and function replacement for the originally fitted CRT display with weight savings and significantly improved performance. The new display is also future-proof through its additional ability to support modern high-resolution graphics sources.

Both the Royal Air Force and French Air Force have upgraded their aircraft operator consoles to incorporate the new display.

Radio Solutions & Services

Radio Mast Petards Joyce-Loebl has a broad experience of both the supply and support of military communications systems.

We currently hold supply, maintenance and support contracts both within the UK and overseas. Part of this work involves an enabling agreement with Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Information Systems & Services.

The contract allows authorised customers within the UK MoD and other UK Government Agencies to procure PMR equipment and services in an efficient way from an approved supplier via P2P. We offer full site survey and installation services alongside supply, support, repairs, and training for PMR systems.

We are a PMR supplier and can offer equipment from manufacturers such as; Entel, Hytera, Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Sepura, and Tait.

Petards Joyce-Loebl is also an approved supplier to NATO through the P2P System.

Key Points:

  • Approved P2P Supplier
  • Environmental, EMC, and TEMPEST solutions
  • Full design, manufacture and support facilities

Tactical Data Link Capabilities:

  • JTIDS, LINK11, LINK 16
  • Pre-Mission Planning.
  • OPTASK Generation.
  • Generation of Initialisation Parameters (Ship/Aircraft).
  • JTIDS Terminal Initialisation.
  • Network Control.

Communication Capabilities:

  • HF, VHF, UHF, DMR, TETRA, P25 Technologies
  • Conventional Radio Systems
  • Trunked Radio Systems
  • Deployable Systems
  • Voting Systems
  • Encrypted Solutions
  • Bespoke Radio Solutions
  • Remote-site unmanned stations
  • Vehicle Installations
  • Talkthroughs/Repeaters
  • Portable Repeaters
  • Base Stations
  • Antennas
  • Hand-held Radios
  • ATEX Approved Radio Equipment
  • Accessories