Company PremisesTo be a global specialist solutions provider for security, surveillance and ruggedized electronic applications in our chosen markets

  • We wish to be supplier of choice for end users, systems integrators and specifiers.
  • Within the wider context of the markets we serve we will remain a niche player supporting larger and more generalist systems integrators.
  • We will design and develop technology based solutions to meet end users' needs which will involve the integration of software and hardware.


To be a world-class organisation developing and supplying security, surveillance and ruggedized electronics solutions

  • To focus on markets where our technical expertise and market knowledge will earn us a good return.
  • To work closely with end-users, systems integrators and channel partners, bringing our expertise, experience, professionalism and innovation to define and deliver solutions which meet their requirements.
  • Within our area of focus we want to be recognised internationally as the best developer and supplier of security, surveillance and ruggedized electronic solutions.


Our future will be built on our core company values

  • Market driven - we will use all appropriate methods to capture and understand the requirements of our primary markets and dedicate our technical and sales resources to ensure we provide the right equipment and solutions to our customers.
  • Rapid Innovation - we will never be satisfied to accept 'good enough' or 'old technology'. We will apply new methods and techniques in seeking world-class solutions to our customer's problems at a competitive price and within the fastest possible period.
  • Equitable customer and supplier relationships - we will deal fairly and honestly to create long-term relationships that thrive on mutual cooperation and shared aspirations.
  • Quality products and services - we won't accept defective goods from others, we won't make defective goods and we definitely won't ship defective goods.
  • Our people
    • We will give our employees the opportunity to develop through training, creating an environment where employees can develop their careers.
    • We will create a team of people who have job satisfaction, motivation to succeed and high productivity
    • We will give our people full responsibility and authority to succeed with the company and in return, we expect individuals to put that responsibility to full use through a 'can do' attitude.
    • We expect people to push at the boundaries of current working practices and will reject any culture that apportions blame for honest mistakes or genuinely trying to improve any aspect of the company.
    • We will recognise success.
    • We will break down all barriers to make working with us as simple and transparent as possible.
    • We will communicate openly and transparently to create a culture of mutual respect trust and honesty.